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  • Chapter C: Respiratory System

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    C.1. Introduction to the Respiratory System

    ... a short intro in the respiratory system.

       C.1. Introduction to the Respiratory System

    C.2 & C.3. Structure of the Respiratory System

    ... and the structure of the respiratory tracts and the lungs:

       C.2. Upper Respiratory Airways

       C.3. Lower Respiratory Airways

    C.4. The Lungs:

    In this chapter, we discuss the various functions of the lungs; from the inspiration all the way to the blood oxygenation.

       C.4.1. Breathing

       C.4.2. The Pleura

       C.4.3. Lung Volumes

       C.4.4. Partial Pressures

       C.4.5. The Respiratory Membrane

       C.4.6. Ventilation and Perfusion

    C.5. Gas Transport:

    Here, we discuss the major function of the lungs, the oxygen and the carbon dioxide transportation.

       C.5.1. Oxygen Transport

       C.5.2. Carbon Dioxide Transport

    C. 6. Respiratory Regulation:

    No that you know that the lungs do not have a pacemaker, we need to discuss who is in charge (=responsible) for the lungs.

       C.6. Respiratory Regulation

    Chapter C: Respiratory System

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