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Chapter E: The Gastro-Intestinal System

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E.1. Introduction GI System

... a short intro into the Gastro-intestinal system!

E.2. Mouth and Nose

Here we discuss the various functions of the mouse and the nose cavities.

E.3. Esophagus

Here we discuss the function of the esophagus.

E.4. Stomach

... and what does the stomach do to the food that we have swallowed!

E.5. Small Intestine

The function of the small intestine; the 'heart' of the GI-system!

E.6. Colon

Then, what does the colon (= the large intestine) do?

E.7. GI regulation

But, who regulates all these functions?.

E.8. GI Pathophysiology

... and, finally, some pathophysiological problems in the GI system.

Chapter E: The Gastro-Intestinal System

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