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    Chapter A: Basic Physiology.

    In this chapter we discuss what is physiology, how important it is, who studies physiology etc.
    We also discuss some basic physiology of cells, such as what they do, how do they survive, and, especially, the transport systems that work across their membranes.
    Finally, in this chapter, we discuss in more details, the physiology of two types of cells; the nerve cell and the muscle cell.
    This we do because these two type of cells behave in such a physiological manner that you will see, in more details in, other parts of the body.

    Chapter B: Cardiovascular System

    Here we discuss the first (and most important?) organ system; the cardio-vascular system. This consists of the heart and all the blood vessels.
    These organs are crucial in providing the whole body with oxygen and nutrients, essential for survival.
    So, we discuss the structure and the function of the heart, both the electrical physiology (the ECG!) and the contraction of the heart (its pumping blood).
    But we also discuss how the blood flows from the heart to the vessels and especially the capillaries where the exchange takes place between the blood and the cells.
    And, finally, we also discuss how all this is regulated and, even more interesting, when something goes wrong (this is called pathophysiology!). Come and have a look ...

    Chapter C: The Respiratory System

    Has arrived!!
    We finally have uploaded the latest version of the Respiratory System. After the cardiovascular system, it is logical to discuss the respiratory system. This is the organ system that takes care of getting oxygen into our body (and to release carbon dioxide out of our body). So, here we discuss the necessary details, from the inspiration all the way to the oxygenation of the blood.

    Basic Physiology CONTENTS
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