How to translate BasicPhysiology in you favourite language!

You can view this site in many different languages. But, you can only do this using Google. So, go to Google and click on "Settings".

From the list, choose 'Languages':

As you can see, you can choose from an enormous list of languages (and even some dialects)
The following panels will show, as an example, the 'Contents Page' in Chinese, in Hindu, in Hebrew, in Arabic and in Russian:
4. You can also translate text in (Microsoft) Word:
Select the text in Word (or copy it from the site onto a word-page) and right -click (or from the keyboard ctrl-click). A menu will appear where you can choose ‘translate’. Choose the language you wish to translate to and the translated text will appear in a separate window. in Chinese: in Hindu: in Hebrew: in Arabic: in Russian:

Etc, etc, etc.

By the way, only the text is translated, not the text in the figures and animations!

Sorry! 😫 😫 😫

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